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Privacy policy and procedures

How we keep your personal data private

  1. When you order a mailing list, you supply: a name, email address, and optionally the name of your organisation. We store that information so we can email receipts and renewal notices to you. Your email address becomes your sign-in identity to your account. These three pieces of information can be changed by you at anytime via your Account, or by us at your request.
  2. MailmanLists stores this information in Germany. Industry standard encryption and security practices are applied. The information you provide will not be shared unless we are compelled by government agencies.
  3. At any time, you can request that your Account be closed, and your mailing-list(s) and personal information be removed. We will remove it within 24 hours.
  4. If you list hosting expires and isn't renewed, it will be closed -- and then permanently removed 30 days after expiry. If you have no other lists hosted on your account, it will also be removed.
  5. If you ask us for technical support, we may need to access your list's Administration panel and assume an Administrator role, or access your subscribers' email addresses. We will notify you at the time if that's necessary.
  6. When you email MailmanLists (for technical support, or an enquiry), your email is kept for 30 days, then permanently deleted.
  7. The log files on our list servers record the ID number of messages posted to lists, when it was posted, and the email address of the sender. Bounces and errors are also logged. These log files are necessary for trouble-shooting should the need arise. They are over-written every 7 days.
  8. We keep anonymised web-server logs which record visits to mailing-list webpages and MailmanLists' website. Logged are: the visitor's anonymised IP address; date/time; from where; and the type of browser used. The last octet of a visitor's IP address is not logged thus anonymising it. We do not use any tracking utilities such as Google Analytics.
  9. MailmanLists' mail-servers and list-servers transmit email using SSL/TLS encryption, however you should be aware that all email is susceptible to being intercepted and is inherently insecure.
  10. We assign SSL certificates for all mailing-list domains (both Pro and Regular lists) in order to secure information transmitted to-and-from lists' administration web pages.
  11. No credit/debit card information is collected by MailmanLists. Payments are processed securely via PayPal. PayPal collects personal information which is also subject to privacy regulations and the GDPR.