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Frequently asked questions

What happens after I order a list?

When you order a list:

  1. An Account is automatically created for you on MailmanLists' website.
  2. A Welcome to MailmanLists email (containing your Account sign-in details) is sent to you, along with receipts from MailmanLists and PayPal
  3. Your order is "Queued". (This is visible on your Account page under Status)
  4. Your list is then setup and activated within 3 hours.

  5. Your list's administration details are then emailed to you and your list is ready to use.

If you ordered a Pro List (a list using your own domain name), you'll need to add DNS records. Once the DNS records are showing up around the world, we can generate the SSL certificate and complete the order.

Your Account page will have the information required for your Pro List's DNS records.