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Frequently asked questions

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Add How do I order more lists?
Archives Does Mailman have searchable archives?
Bounces How does bounce processing work?
Cancellation How do I cancel my list hosting?
Discount Is there a discount if I order more than one list?
DNS records How do I create DNS records for my Pro List?
Domain Can I use another word instead of 'lists.' with my domain on a Pro list?
DPA Can I get get a Data processing agreement with MailmanLists?
Gmail Why don't I receive a copy of my own email from the list?
Invoice Can I get an invoice before I pay?
Limit How do I increase the number of allowed subscribers on my list?
Migrate How can I migrate a list from another provider?
Password How do I recover/reset my list's Administrator password?
Password How do my members recover their passwords?
Payment What happens after I order a list?
Pro/Regular Lists Should I choose a Pro List or a Regular List?
Refund If I change my mind, can I get a refund?
Renew How do I renew my list hosting?
Subscribers How do I import a file of my subscribers' addresses?
Unsubscribe How do I put an unsubscribe link in my list's emails?